COMP 1113X2 - Computer Programming 1

Course Outline, Winter, 2011-2012


Section Name Home Page Email Office Office Hours
X Rick Giles CAR 314 In Car 314: M-W-F 10:30 — 11:30
In ACORN Teacher's Office: T-Th 11:30 — 1:00

Required text: "Java Concepts", sixth edition with WileyPLUS by Horstmann. The WileyPLUS page contains notes, additional content, labs, and other text resources.

Course Management System: Acorn. Use your Acadia network username and password to access Acorn.


Grading scheme:

The final grade will be computed as: Assignments=30% + Labs=5% + 1 Test=20% + Final exam=45%

The final grade will also be computed as: Assignments=30% + Labs=5% + Final exam=65%

The higher of the two final grades will be recorded, so poor performance on the test can be made up on the exam.


Assignments will be announced on Acorn.

Assignments will be submitted electronically by the due time specified on the assignment. No late assignments will be accepted.

You may discuss assignments with fellow students. But, remember not to share solutions. The work you submit must be your own.

Test Date: Thursday, March 1, 19:00 to 21:00.

Academic Integrity: Read the Registrar's Information on Academic Integrity. Some forms of cheating are:

  1. copying someone else's answer
  2. stealing, borrowing, or lending source code
  3. fabricating program output

Under no circumstances may you share assignment files with other students. It is inappropriate to copy solutions or portions of solutions from other sources including the Internet, other textbooks, and other students.

Cheating in any form will not be tolerated and will be penalized. The minimum penalty for cheating on an assignment or other work is to receive -100% for the work. Penalties will be applied to all students involved in a cheating incident, including a student who gives their work to another student. Additionally, all instances of cheating will be reported to the Director of the School and to the University Registrar.

Email Etiquette: Follow the School's email etiquette.

Disability Statement: If you are a student with a documented disability who anticipates needing accommodations in this course, please inform me after you meet with Jill Davies or Kathy O'Rourke in Disability Access Services, in the Student Resource Centre, lower floor of the Old SUB (Old Student Union Building). Their contact information is 585-1127 or 585-1823.

Prepared by R. Giles - Last updated 2011-12-13

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